Lab News

Congratulations, Dr. JPod!

On March 2nd 2022, Justin successfully defended his dissertation, titled "Unraveling microbial contributions to nitrogen and carbon cycling in the Laurentian Great Lakes." Justin will be joining the Data Science and Learning Division at Argonne National Laboratory as an Assistant Data Scientist.

Coleman Lab in the news

María, Mike, and Hanna braved the frigid weather to sample under the ice as part of the Great Lakes “Winter Grab." Many thanks to our colleague Ted Ozersky for his leadership in organizing! Read all about it here.

12/1/2023: Welcome 3rd year undergrad Clair Long!  

10/1/2023: Welcome to Ph.D. student Alice Turnham! Alice comes from the Preheim lab at Johns Hopkins and is excited about viruses and microbes.

8/31/2023: We bid farewell to Jessica Rodriguez & Dr. Michael Henson. Jessica is off to a Masters program at the Bren School of the Environment, UCSB. Mike is launching his own lab as an Assistant Professor at NIU. Best of luck Jessica & Mike!

7/1/2023: Welcome to Ph.D. students Jessi Hart and Corey Rundquist! Jessi and Corey were rotation students in the spring and were lured by the mysteries of microbes and metabolisms.

6/4/2023: Mike, Maria, & Maureen are off to Mallorca for the ASLO Summer Meeting. They call this "work"?!

10/1/2022: Welcome new Ph.D. student Raechel Hearth! Raechel recently completed a Masters at DePaul University.  And welcome back to recent UChicago graduate Jessica Rodriguez! Jessica is joining the lab for one year as an NSF GEO-REPS research trainee. We also welcome UChicago undergrads Keren Park and Jaslin Aguirre.

7/25/2022: Congratulations to Dr. Benjamin Calfee for being awarded a Simons Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Marine Microbial Ecology. Way to go Ben!

3/2/2022: Justin successfully defends his Ph.D.! Congratulations Dr. Podowski! Justin is off to Argonne National Lab where he is sure to put his metagenomics skills to good use.

2/15/2022: Undergrad Zoey Papka joins the lab. Welcome Zoey!

2/7/2022: Hanna Renedo joins us as a research and communications assistant. Hanna’s passion is science communication through visual arts. Welcome Hanna!

1/10/2022: Dr. Benjamin Calfee joined us as a postdoc in the Coleman & Waldbauer Labs. Welcome Dr. Calfee!

11/1/2021: Undergrad Jessica Rodriguez joins the lab. Welcome Jessica!

4/28/2021: Undergrad Anna Warsaw joins the lab. Welcome Anna!

7/29/2020: Gabriel successfully defended his dissertation, “Molecular and environmental controls on aerobic anoxygenic phototrophy”! Congratulations Dr. Vargas!! Gabriel will be joining the Currie Lab at UWisconsin-Madison as a postdoc.

6/29/2020: Postdoc Michael Henson has been awarded a Simons Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Marine Microbial Ecology! Congratulations Mike!

3/19/2020: PhD student María Hernández Limón has been awarded a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship! Congratulations María!

3/4/2020: This winter we welcomed new postdoc Dr. Michael Henson to the lab. Several of us presented at OSM2020, and Maureen visited NOAA-GLERL for the CIGLR Great Lakes Seminar Series. Gearing up for spring fieldwork, just a few weeks away!